Welsh COVID shopping CHAOS as Wales reacted to lockdown short notice announcement

COVID lockdown shopping chaos in Wales as the announcement made by Welsh leader of Tier 4 restrictions

As the residents of South Wales heard the announcement from the Welsh government with short notice that the country was to enter a Tier 4 lockdown scenario at midnight – they hit the shops causing chaos in retail parks across the nation.

Whilst Welsh leader Mark Drakeford called for calm on his Twitter account after his announcement – thousands hit the shops taking no notice.

Drakeford Appeal

Despite the appeal from the Welsh leader, thousands upon thousands rushed out to beat the deadline.

Final Christmas shopping opportunities appeared to be the mindset as shoppers defied COVID safety and formed large lines outside of stores, with no social distancing taking place.

Huge line outside JD Sports Talbot Green

Lines formed around the block outside many stores tailing back several hundred meters.

Amongst many lines, social distancing was not observed with the majority of shoppers waiting in line unmasked.

As Global247news reporters observed the scenes from a safe distance, a Talbot Green store security officer described the scenes and revealed what was going on in-store, he advised: ” It’s crazy in there, the aisles are packed and there are people buying over 6 pairs of trainers at a time, we’ve just been advised of this new mutant fast-spreading virus and here we have hundreds of people pushing and barging in the aisles – we had to restrict entry, but they just line up, shoulder to shoulder, many unmasked, it’s clear they haven’t listened to a word the government have warned”

We must shop now!

A Boots shop worker revealed how she left the store, due to feeling unsafe, she revealed: ” It’s chaos, utter chaos in there, we were just winding down after a busy day and the announcement was made, within in 20 minutes, we were rammed, people were flooding in through the doors in their droves, people were grabbing what they could with many arguing as products went out of stock, I suffer from anxiety and my manager allowed me to leave the store – I just couldn’t cope – it was manic”

Sports Direct Rush

Customers flocking into Sports Direct had to line up outside the store s there was no room in the store for customers and security had to take evasive action on several occasions as arguments broke out at the tills. Eye witness Jacob Tucker, a carpenter from Llantrisant told how he gave up, he said: “In fairness, I was already out shopping for my girlfriends Christmas present and then I got a text message telling me about the lockdown at midnight, within minutes the stores were rammed, word spread quickly, in Sports Direct there appeared to be no regard for safety at all, at the tills people were even face to face arguing as obviously, the salespeople behind the tills couldn’t cope with the large demand”

“It’s no bloody wonder Wales is in the state it is – when people have no regard for COVID safety whatsoever” he added.

Although later into the evening Welsh anti-COVID campaigner, Steven Thomas, made his latest statement in defiance to the Welsh leader, Mark Drakeford, to his thousands of supporters and followers, he said in his broadcast:

“Do you all get it yet? They promise you one thing and take it away. They tell you you have time to do your shopping for Christmas and then give you a few hour’s notice they will stop you.

It’s constantly raising your hopes then take them away and a steady influx of bad news and it’s done to install fear and control.
We are now living under a dictatorship, of control and fear and they have removed everyone’s freedoms and socializing.
They are destroying people’s businesses and jobs but making sure the big supermarkets and the likes of Amazon thrive.
Is a conspiracy to even think that the likes of Amazon are giving backhanders to get the extra orders now?
Welcome to the New Normal of living under a Fascist/communist combo.
But carry on believing this is about a virus.
Don’t know what more has to happen before it makes everyone sit up and start thinking why?
Don’t need small business and sport doesn’t need spectators when we have sky and BT to take our money. Clubs don’t need spectators.
Large gatherings are banned now and I can’t see them changing it.
Rant over I will get called a conspiracy theorist but hey ho I’m saying what I’m seeing as catchphrase says.”
Although Thomas has thousands in support and it was clear at the stores that many Welsh residents prefer to place Christmas shopping before safety – Anne Smith from Pontyclun called the campaigner as well as the shoppers ‘fools’ and ‘idiots’, she said:
“These people and there are thousands of them are complete idiots and fools and the exact reason why we are in the situation today, they have no regard for safety whatsoever,  if it wasn’t for these clowns, Christmas would not be ruined, I now have to spend Christmas day alone all because little Johnny wants the latest trainers”
“It sickens me to my stomach, as for that loud-mouthed anti-regulation campaigner – he needs shooting!” she stormed.




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