The ban on air travel from the UK came in at 6am this morning, and will last until January 1. Read more: Twitter: | Facebook:

The Dutch government have banned all flights to and forth the UK

The government in the Netherlands has now banned all flights back and forth to the United Kingdom in fear of the mutant strain of the Coronavirus.

Health authorities in the Netherlands have confirmed at least one case of the same strain of the virus, which is currently under investigation. In the meantime, the government said in a statement: ‘Pending further information, and an explanation of the epidemiological situation in the United Kingdom, the public health institute recommends that any introduction of this virus strain from the United Kingdom should be limited as much as possible, by limiting or controlling passenger movement.’

The government continued: ‘The cabinet is closely monitoring the developments of the Covid-19 virus abroad and is investigating the possibilities for additional measures for other modes of transport. ‘In the coming days, it will, in close collaboration with other EU member states, look into the possibilities of further restricting imports of the virus from the United Kingdom.’

The ban on air travel from the UK came in at 6 am this morning, and will last until January 1.



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