Spain considering FULL Christmas LOCKDOWN over mutant Covid strain

Spain’s government are now considering a full Spanish lockdown as mutant COVID strain revealed in Europe

Spanish leader Pedro Sanchez has this afternoon been discussing with other counterparts in Europe including UK PM Boris Johnson the revelation of the new mutant covid strain that has seen other countries today head back into harsh lockdown scenarios.

The new strain of the coronavirus has the exact same symptoms as the original variant.

Whether a person is infected with the original Covid-19 or the variant, they will still experience a persistent cough, loss of taste and smell, and a high temperature.

A persistent cough is classed as coughing a lot for more than an hour or having three or more coughing fits in any 24 hour period, while a high temperature would be over 37.8C.

Fatigue and tiredness are also commonly occurring symptoms of either of the strains.

Although scientists and advisors are warning that it spreads far more quickly which is causing great concern to the Spanish leader, who today as well as speaking to other European leaders has held urgent talks with cabinet members and his health advisors this afternoon, according to sources in Madrid.

At present local regional governments dictate in Spain how regions deal with the pandemic, although the government directly advises those town halls.

The Madrid source said, ” A full lockdown is under consideration in ministers’ discussions today, as they have watched their counterparts in Europe take emergency action against the new mutation of the virus, although it’s unlikely they will make a knee jerk reaction and study the latest actions very carefully”

“Although a full lockdown scenario is under serious consideration now over Christmas following the majority of Europe”

” Discussions are due to continue further into the night, whilst health advisors to the government continue to study statistics and data that is being shared between countries” he finished.

Any announcement is unlikely to come this evening in Spain although the source feels that a decision of how to tackle the situation is likely to come in the next 48/72 hours.


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