Weston Super Mare Hairdressers Closes after charging extra for kids with additional needs

A children’s hairdresser is shutting in Weston Super Mare after being slammed for charging kids with ‘additional needs’ an extra £5.

PJ’s Hairdressing Group opened Krazy Kids salon in Somerset’s Puxton Park only last week, on Monday, December 7.

Although there was an immediate backlash when the booking page for the Weston-super-Mare venue read: ‘If your child has special needs or additional needs please book extra time so that we can give our full attention to your child.’

Online prices also appeared to show an extra £5 charge for those children.

After a series of complaints, the children’s hairdressers are now moving away from the park, even though it claims the pricing was a ‘misunderstanding’.

Director of Krazy Kids hairdressers, Lizzy Tucker said she was ‘horrified’ by the reaction – labeling the extra charge a ‘misunderstanding.’ She said: ‘We have been horrified by the reaction this weekend. ‘It has never been our intention or policy to charge those that require special assistance. ‘Through the online booking on our website extra time can be requested if required, however, this is not chargeable for those with special needs.

Although local mother Clare Bradshaw, who’s son has Downs Syndrome is delighted the outrage has run the hairdressers out of town, she stormed: “Good enough for them, they knew exactly what they were doing – all the mothers around here with kids with extra needs are delighted they are clearing off – I hope they have lost thousands, it was despicable”




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