Spain's tourism could be smashed apart as minister warns of third COVID wave

Spain’s tourism industry could be smashed once again as Spain’s Health Minister warns of a third wave

Speaking in a radio interview with Cataluña Radio this morning, Spain’s Minister of Health, Salvador Illa once again urged citizens to be cautious this festive period to avoid further restrictions after Christmas. “We could be at the beginning of the third wave if the appropriate measures are not taken. It is necessary to react”, he announced.

The Mayor of Madrid José Luis Martínez-Almeida, whose region has the second-worst accumulated incidence in Spain, echoed Illa’s message by saying today that we are “facing a situation that cannot be further complicated. We must take action.”

The words of a ‘third wave’ are the last thing a country that relies on tourism heavily right now, after a financially devastating 2020 that has already seen thousands of business operations close and go out of business.

Spain’s Costa Blanca & Costa del Sol regions, where the majority of holidaymakers head, currently lie as ‘ghost towns’ under some of the strictest regulations already in Europe and simply can’t afford to enter 2021 in the same state.

Travel agent Rian Rodber warned this morning of the pending implications if Spain doesn’t get matters under control and how a third wave will devastate the holiday regions, likely for the whole year as holidaymakers lose faith in the country, she told Global247news this morning:

“If Spain gets the third wave, it will be game over for the holiday regions and thousands of businesses that depend on tourism”

“Across Europe, there is little faith in Spain at the moment as it is, those who are booking holidays are already avoiding Spain, news of a third wave will kill it, we are coming to January shortly, the busiest time of year for holiday bookings, It won’t be the time to have a third wave that’s for sure”

“Also travel operators are watching the situation in Spain very closely after losing billions of revenue, this coming year will see them avoid at all cost flying empty aircraft back and forth to Spain, they are already targeting deemed safer destinations in Europe” she added.

The news from the health minister wasn’t taken lightly by the bar owner, Kevin Davies on Spain’s Costa Blanca, who said:

“We can’t simply afford another wave, personally I think Spain should be shutting down all over Christmas to save the tourism industry, which is on its knees, we need to get through to March without another wave of the virus, hospitality businesses will simply not survive another, I know I won’t”

” Thousands haven’t returned for the winter season, whilst hundreds of locals in all areas are shipping out for good, we need the holidaymakers more than ever, we should not be risking a third wave over Christmas, but after this latest warning I really feel it”, he finished with ” I can see Spain being out of action in 2021 if we don’t get this solved”  Global247News Twitter

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