Police warn Business Owners On Spain's Costa del Sol Undercover 'Coffee cop squad'Being Deployed

Undercover police on Spain’s Costa del Sol will be deployed to ensure phase 2 rules it’s been confirmed.

The local police have reinforced their presence by ensuring that plainclothes officers will be in bars and restaurant areas to ensure all regulations have been adhered to and followed out to the letter of the law.

The main operation deployed will be undercover cops watching out for booze being served in or with coffees which is outlawed between 6 PM and 8 PM every evening

In between these 2 hours where you can only serve coffee or a soft drink and food, the plain-clothed cops and undercover officers can be expected to be sat between both residents and holidaymakers ensuring they aren’t taking an illegal tipple.

Despite the warning from the Spanish police, ex-pats on the Costa del Sol are roaring with laughter at the new measure.

“I’ve heard of the keystone cops, but now we have the ‘Coffee cop squad’ – you couldn’t make this up,” said local Monty

Whilst Jamie Hughes in Fuengirola on the Cost del Sol said: ” So let’s get this right, a Spanish undercover cop is going to sit in an English bar and not be noticed trying to catch punters out?”

“Come on, that’s like sticking the hare in the traps at a greyhound race” he laughed.

Although the funny side is may be seen by many ex-pats – the fines are not so funny if caught, taking a nip.

Fines are to be set at €150 per punter and €1,000 for the establishment owner as a stark warning not to take a Christmas tipple between 6 and 8 PM.



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