New super transporter circles Yeovil for several hours practising low level flying

THE super-transporter Beluga plane that looks like a whale, was spotted in the skies over Yeovil Somerset for several hours on Wednesday 


The rare sighting surprised Yeovil residents as the giant Beluga AirbusXL has a ‘smile’ and eyes, and even a shape that makes it look like a whale.

It is an amazing 207ft long and the plane also has a wingspan of 197ft. The plane was spotted in Yeovil skies on Wednesday and flew 48 circles over the town as well as the Somerset plains.

The planes have only been in the air since January and have been conducting training exercises across both Somerset and Nottingham regions, with the huge aircraft believed to be lined up for the town’s Airday in 2021, if permitted to go ahead.

The aircraft built by Airbus is normally only seen whilst on tests over North Wales – although it spent Wednesday afternoon stretching its huge wings over Yeovil.

The noise of its roaring engines left Somerset residents baffled as the huge aircraft flew low over Yeovil until it was spotted in the sky as low cloud broke.

Mark Channing, one of the lucky spotters told how he was walking up Lysander Road when he spotted it very low and very slow flying, he said:

” It was huge, I had heard a loud rumbling most of the afternoon, and I was buggered to know what it was, it was like the noise we get when they are practicing for airday – I couldn’t work it out, and then as I walked back from Lidl, there it was, from a distance it looked like a space ship with all its lights on and what appeared flying very slowly and doing circles of the town”

“I don’t think I have ever seen a large plane like that, fly so slow, It was incredible” he finished.

Aviation expert and ex Fleet Chief from RNAS Yeovilton Christopher Rawlings also confirmed the sightings of many residents and explained why the Somerset Plains would have been selected, he advised: “Low flying and slow speed testing, in operations this aircraft is designed for dropping huge cargos to battlefields, replenishing supplies, it needs to fly low and the Somerset Plains are a perfect test area for that, it was circling the town for many hours whilst then testing dropping low over the Plains and of course the airfield was on standby if need be, I wouldn’t be surprised if it refuelled there but there again this size planes hold serious amounts of fuel and are designed to fly for relentless hours”  Global247News Twitter

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