Early Christmas release for serial grooming gang boss

Grooming Gang Boss That Abused Over 100 girls Gets an Early Christmas Present.

The ring-leader of a horrific Telford grooming gang that abused more than 100 girls has been granted early release from prison. Adhel ‘Eddie’ Ali, who was jailed for rape and inciting child prostitution following a historic investigation into a horrific grooming gang in Telford, has been freed from prison in time for the Christmas holidays after serving just a third of his 26-year sentence.

Adhel ‘Eddie’ Ali controlled a network of schoolgirl prostitutes. Some were as young as 13 and he pimped them out in exchange for a drink, food, and money. Ali was put behind bars in 2012 and sentenced to 26 years, which included eight on a license. However, he is now free to walk the streets again. His release is already starting to cause public outrage with social media flooding with hate messages for the ‘Beast of Telford’.

Ali led the ‘Ali brothers’ trafficking gang between 2006 and 2009, which also involved his brother and five other men, in Telford, Shropshire. Over a three-year period, the gang abused more than 100 vulnerable and innocent young teenagers- referring to them as “s**ts”

Commenting on his release a Ministry of Justice spokesman said sex offenders are closely monitored and can be returned to prison if they breach “strict conditions”.


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