A SPANISH woman, 24 told she could not rent an apartment because of her Morrocan surnames

A Spanish woman shared her story on Twitter but didn’t expect it to have so much impact, as she was denied home due to her Morrocan surname

The woman, known as Randa was born in Spain, has Spanish nationality and a Spanish ID card, but her parents, and hence her surnames, are Moroccan.

She told  Spain’s 20minutos that while she was talking to the owner on WhatsApp, he was very nice, and despite wanting to rent the apartment for a year, he agreed on a price with her for six months.

She went with her mother and to see the apartment and everything was going well until she handed over her ID and he saw her surnames.

The landlord asked her if she was Moroccan and then said he would rather not rent the apartment than rent it to them.

He then reportedly threw them out of the apartment, having told her that he didn’t believe she was a doctor, despite her showing him her degree.

Randa told 20minutos that her mother felt guilty because the man heard her accent and says that she shouldn’t have opened her mouth in the first place.

Although residents in Spain on the Costa del Sol have admitted to being wary of Morrocan’s.

Expat Derrick Duggan told Global247news this morning, “Let’s face it not many people really trust Morrocan’s – they are mainly in the news here for muggings, burglaries and other related crimes, truth is nobody really trusts them and you can’t really blame the landlord”

Whilst Nicky Rose in Mijas defended the landlord and claimed it wasn’t racist, she said: “At the end of the day Morrocan’s come with a reputation that can’t be denied, all the landlord wants at the day is a good tenant, it’s nothing to do with race, it’s to do with reputation, everyone knows on the Costa’s they are thieves and criminals, they are always behind a crime, I feel for the Spanish woman in question but if I was her I would change my name”

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