Valleys Anti COVID regulations Campaigner Calls For People To Rise Against Welsh Government

Valleys anti-Coronavirus campaigner in wales blows a gasket after Welsh leader Mark Drakeford’s announcement today and calls for the Welsh people to rise against the government

As Welsh leader Mark Drakeford, as exclusively revealed by Global247news yesterday,  entered Wales back into a full lockdown scenario from December the 28th, whilst also restricting Wales over Christmas, serial anti-COVID campaigner according to close sources ‘blew a gasket’ upon hearing the news.

“It wasn’t a pretty scene said close ally, Chris Jacob  ” he stormed into his gym and there was a lot of cussing and swearing and clearly things were being thrown about” he added.

Although Thomas himself has now spoken exclusively to Global247news, as he calls for the people of Wales to stand and fight at the new restrictions set, he said:

“Drakeford is still pushing ahead on destroying Wales – All on manipulated death rates and a testing system that is flawed. Stopping life-saving treatments for cancers etc.
‘Each time you get tested despite being fit and healthy and if a positive test comes up you are adding to the problem.
“Drakeford is a dictator an idiot and a lunatic. The Welsh Assembly is not fit for its purpose and it needs abolishing now.
Stopping treatments for certain conditions makes him a murderer in my eyes.”
Thomas went on:

“His name is  Mark Jong Un Drakeford from Country, Wales and his Position is Dictator, his mental state is he should be sectioned,  he’s mad as a hatter and very dangerous – the  threat level  clear and present danger is Drakeford not COVID”
” I am calling all people in both South and North Wales to defy this clown and his dictatorship rules – ignore them and get on with your life, If we all do it, he will be powerless to stop us, open your businesses, open the pubs, don’t pay the fines, he hasn’t got enough police anyway to stop us”
“Stand up for your rights” he screamed.
“If we allow this to happen, thousands of business owners will go to the wall, Wales likely to go bust – is that right?”
” I will be starting a mass campaign now and nobody will stop me -watch this space,” said the vocal campaigner.  Global247News Twitter

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