Ex-wife of Amazon's Jeff Bezos gives away $4.2 billion in just 4 months

The ex-wife of the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, told reporters on Tuesday that she has given away $4.2 billion (£3.1 billion) to charities and the poor as she said the pandemic has hit the lives of everyone so badly.

Ex-wife of Amazon’s Jeff Bezos gives away $4.2 billion in just 4 months: Mackenzie Scott last year signed a pledge to donate a large part of her wealth to charity. In donations earlier this year Ms Scott gave $1.7 billion to social causes including race, gender and economic equality. In a post detailing her donations she said “This pandemic has been a wrecking ball in the lives of Americans already struggling. Economic losses and health outcomes alike have been worse for women, for people of colour, and for people living in poverty.”

She also noted that the wealth of billionaires has increased substantially of late, but did not use her husbands name in the quote. Bezos’s wealth has increased by 80% during the pandemic with many thousands of people using Amazon to purchase items while retail businesses have been closed. Ms Scott said that, along with a team of advisors, many charities had been chosen to receive donations, mainly including those working to combat hunger, poverty and racial inequity in communities.

Ms Scott went on to say that those groups that received donations “have dedicated their lives to helping others, working and volunteering and serving real people face-to-face at bedsides and tables, in prisons and courtrooms and classrooms, on streets and hospital wards and hotlines and frontlines of all types and sizes, day after day after day.” She ranked 20th on a Forbes real-time list of the world’s richest people index on Tuesday, with a net worth of $56 billion – after taking her latest donations into account. Bezos was at the top of that list with a net worth of $185 billion.

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