Child driven over by 4 x 4 in Spain and killed

A 3-year-old has been killed in the Spanish town of Benavente, Zamora, after being hit by a car when riding his tricycle across a pedestrian crossing.

A 4×4 vehicle drove over the child, probably not seeing him, according to the 112 emergency services in Castilla y Leon and the local town hall.

The child was accompanied by his grandmother at the time of the accident.

She had to be treated at a nearby pharmacy, and according to witnesses, she was screaming that it was her fault.

The woman who was driving showed no signs of having consumed alcohol or being over the drink-drive limit.

The accident occurred at around 4.30 pm and several passers-by called the emergency services saying that the child was unconscious and injured.

The Local Police and paramedics attended the scene, but despite attempts to resuscitate the boy, he died at the scene in the ambulance.  Global247News Twitter

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