Twitter serial killer sentenced to death in Japan

A young man from Japan has been sentenced to death for the murder of nine people in a court hearing.

Twitter serial killer sentenced to death in Japan: The man, who is popularly known as the “Twitter killer”, murdered his victims, mostly women, in 2017. According to media reports from Japan the man, Takahiro Shiraishi, 27, killed, dismembered and stored the victims in his apartment near Tokyo. While he admitted to the murders in court, Shiraishi’s lawyer said that there should be a reduction in the charges due to his victims expressing suicidal thoughts and agreeing to be killed.

However Judge Naokuni Yano ruled that this was not the case and that the killer was mentally fit to stand trial. Shiraishi was dubbed the “Twitter killer” due to him contacting his victims on the social media site, people who expressed that they no longer wanted to live, and telling them he could help them or even die with them.

He is also facing charges of rape. His youngest victim was a female aged just 15 and the only man he killed had argued with him regarding the whereabouts of his girlfriend. The killer was arrested in 2017 after police discovered the dismembered bodies at his flat whilst searching for a missing 23-year-old woman.

After the incident, Twitter came up with new guidelines to state that the content posted on the site should not “promote or encourage suicide or self-harm.” There has been much debate regarding social media users discussing suicide and mental health issues online with the majority of people declaring it is unsafe to do so as it could attract killers like Shiraishi.  Global247News Twitter

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