Mark Drakeford considering a 6/7 week FULL lockdown from December 28th

Welsh leader Mark Drakeford is considering a 6 to 7 week full lockdown according to sources within the Welsh Assembly

Sources from within the Welsh Assembly have informed Global247news that Welsh leader Mark Drakeford has been discussing this morning a full lockdown from December the 28th.

Drakeford, who is under pressure from both the Welsh nation and other party AM’s to get the pandemic under control in Wales,  discussed with his counter parts in the corridors of the Senedd today, the hard lockdown approach, that is being seen in other parts of Europe.

Over the last 48 hours other European countries have entered back to full lockdown conditions, including the Dutch and Germans.

The inside source, told today:

” The discussion is IF Wales is not locked down before Christmas – it seems they won’t because they don’t want to go back on their word on what they have previously announced and admit ‘ fire break’ didn’t work, Wales is looking at a 6 to 7 week full lockdown from December 28th, now as I say it’s not set in stone but its what is currently being discussed”

If the lockdown does come into effect, it will be a huge blow for Welsh businesses especially, who have already been  hit hard by Drakeford’s hard stances, to which have all been leaked to the media prior to being announced.

The Welsh government have been far harder than their English counterparts, the first to introduce a ‘ fire break’ lockdown as well as a ban on alcohol sales in all bars and restaurants, with establishments having to close at 6pm after the ‘fire break’ finished.

School headmaster Gareth Hughes, based in Newport said how he had also heard the same information from an education Welsh government minister and said how he feels Drakeford has lost control of the situation,  56 year old Hughes said:

“I feel Mr Drakeford has lost total control of the whole situation, quite frankly he appears to not know what he’s doing and the Assembly appears to have more leaks than a tap – heads of school are already being tipped off about a no return to School after Christmas with a full lockdown pending in Wales”



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