Jail for man who rode jet ski to Isle of Man to visit his girlfriend

It is alleged that a Scottish man has been jailed for breach of coronavirus rules. After he rode a jet ski from his home in Scotland to the Isle of Man to visit his girlfriend.

Jail for man who rode jet ski to Isle of Man to visit his girlfriend: The BBC reported that Dale McLaughlan, 28, who is from North Ayrshire, met his present girlfriend while working as a roofer on the Isle of Man. And on Friday he decided to ride the four and a half hour trip to see her as he missed her. Prosecutors said that he had never ridden such a vehicle before. And he expected the trip to only take 40 minutes.

In court his defense lawyer said that McLaughlan suffered from depression. And needed to see his girlfriend as he was struggling to cope alone. He admitted the charges and was jailed for 4 weeks. After leaving home on the Isle of Whithorn early on the morning of the incident he finally arrived at the town of Ramsay at 1pm. Then walked for 25km to get to the capital, Douglas.

He was caught out on Sunday after checks were made as he had given his girlfriend’s address as his own. The couple had been out to nightclubs on the Saturday evening.

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