Families left traumatised after seeing monkey ripped apart by lions

Families who were left traumatised after seeing a pack of lions hunt and then rip apart a monkey have been apologised to by the Scottish safari park.

Families left traumatised after seeing monkey ripped apart by lions: The families, with young children, watched in horror as the pride of lions hunted down the endangered Barbary macaque monkey. Who they said was screaming for it’s life, before seeing it ripped apart at Blair Drummond safari park near Stirling. The monkey had managed to climb out of it’s enclosure before entering the lions section. One witness told the Mail on Sunday. “We could not believe what we were seeing – it’s not what you expect at a safari park.

We left pretty traumatised. Surely it’s the park’s responsibility to keep endangered animals safe and not allow them to jump straight in the lion’s den?. The awful sound of the monkey screaming for its life will stay with us. We had hoped for a happy day out with our young child but ended up having to explain to a toddler what happened to the monkey.” Another witness said that although the large monkey was “exceedingly fast” it didn’t stand a chance against the lions.

Reports say that a keeper tried to protect the primate by parking his vehicle over the wounded animal. However, a lion managed to grab it and ran off with it in it’s jaws. A spokesman for the safari park said. “We are truly sorry that our visitors witnessed what must have been a really distressing sight. This tragic event is being felt deeply by the teams involved who care for animals around the clock.

We are taking this extremely seriously. The safety of our visitors and the safety and care of our animals is our highest priority. The incident in the lion enclosure has never happened before. And we share the shock and concern that this took place.”

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