Care home manager faces manslaughter charge in Spain's Madrid

 The manager of a care home in Spain’s Madrid has been charged with manslaughter in a Covid-related death.

An elderly woman died of coronavirus at the care home without having been sent to the hospital and the manager failed to report it.

The accused woman will appear in court in February, along with a doctor at the care home.

According to a relative of the deceased woman, the woman entered the Gran Residencia state care home in Carabanchel, Madrid on March 5 with no breathing problems or fever.

Her relatives were refused entry on March 8 and from that day on, they called the care home every day and were told, when the phone was even answered, that if there was any news they would be informed.

From March 14 onwards, they were told that she had health problems which they thought to be due to a urinary infection. A week later, the care home told her relatives that she was in very bad health and they were able to see her for a few hours. On March 25, they were told that she would probably not make it, but that in her condition, she would not be admitted to any hospital. Her daughter went to see her but a doctor prevented her from entering. On March 27, the woman died in the home.

A joint lawsuit has been presented by around 20 relatives of people who died in care homes in Madrid, and not only the managers have been charged, but also the President of Madrid, Isabel Diaz; Health Councillor, Enrique Escudero and Justice Minister, Enrique Lopez.

They are charged with negligent manslaughter, causing bodily harm, failure to provide assistance to a person in need, degrading treatment, and perversion of justice.  Global247News Twitter

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