Expat Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca homeowners in Spain warned of cannabis growers

The police on Spain’s Costa del Sol are warning home owners who rent out their properties to be alert of cannabis growers

Homeowners on Spain’s Costa del Sol are being warned how cannabis growers are targeting home owners who rent out their properties.

As hundreds of normal holiday property lets remain vacant, with owners desperate to rent out to salvage some revenues, cannabis growers have taken advantage of the market conditions causing hell for the property owners.

Growers of the drug, send along two unsuspected people posing as a couple to ‘view’ a property, when in reality they are looking  how near the property is to a public electricity supply, such as a street lamp and the quality of the air conditioning units.

The ‘fake renters’ are actually paid by the growers €10,000 every three months, with the first instalment made after the first crop harvested.

The couple on inspection inform the property owners to prepare the rental agreements if the property suits, whilst this takes place the growers send people to break into the property and rig the electric supply to the public electric supply.

Once contractual agreements are signed between owner and renters, the growers move in and set up shop, using all space available in the property to grow their drugs with heat supplied from the newly rigged up electric supply.

A crop of every three months fetches hundreds of thousands of pounds – with the “renters” receiving €10,000 per rented property every three months on harvest.

Now the Spanish police are warning homeowners to be extra cautious via letting agents, as the crime is on the increase as ‘new’ long term landlords come on the market.

Property agent Chris Higgins, told Global247news, how unsuspecting homeowners are getting caught out, he said: ” With holiday home lets now flooding the market as long term rentals, homeowners are more than pleased to just get a long term rental and are a bit ‘green’ to the concept, of course they get paid by the ‘renters’ on time, every time and think all is hunky dory, whilst in reality their holiday home is rigged up as a cannabis farm – it’s the expat homeowners who are really getting caught out by it as often they aren’t even in the country”

“The main area’s getting hit are Coin and Alhaurin, more out in the sticks but of recent times expats have been hit in both the La Cala & Fuengirola regions as rental prices drop.”

” It leaves when rumbled a devastating mess to a property for the homeowners” he added.

Meanwhile it’s reported that due to the vacancies available in properties, more gangs from the UK are arriving in Spain, both on the Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca to set up cannabis farms.

Higgins advised: ” Homeowners need to do extra checks, these so called ‘renters’ come with NIE numbers and ‘fake’ employment contracts, passports too, homeowners need to really validate all credentials to be sure”



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