Costa Del Sol News: The Mayor of Marbella Ángeles Muñoz Wants CORRUPTION cash

The Mayor of Marbella Ángeles Muñoz wants monies paid in fines for corruption to be allocated to the Spanish town

A sum in excess of three and half million euros that the government has, which is the money it received as a direct result of fines in corruption cases, the mayor Ángeles Muñoz wants that money to bail out Marbella.

The town has already had €2.7 million for a parking scheme and the recovery of the brand “Marbella”.

Although, there are other funds it believes belong to the town and would assist it, especially in the current situation with COVID-19.

The Mayor asked the government to renew and rectify the agreement which allows Marbella council to receive fines for cases of corruption.

“The money is ours it belongs to Marbella, and the government should release it as per their previous agreement” she says.  Global247News Twitter

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