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A man has been found guilty of murder after killing his landlord, chopping him up and feeding him to badgers.

Man found guilty of murdering landlord and feeding him to badgers: Graham Snell, 71, was murdered by Daniel Walsh, 30, after he discovered that Walsh had been stealing from his bank account last June. A court heard that Walsh then used the money to go on wild spending sprees, including drink and drug binges, casinos and massage parlours in Sheffield. Mr Snell had alerted police to the theft and they were due to pay Walsh a visit at his address in Marsden Street, Chesterfield the following day but Mr Snell was murdered the night before, with Walsh then getting a taxi to a DIY store and purchasing 2 handsaws and heavy duty builders bags.

He used the tools to cut his victim up into 10 pieces Derbyshire Crown Court heard. He took most of the body parts to remote woodland where he shoved them into a badgers sett and disposed of the rest in communal bins at the address he lived at previously. Walsh claimed that he discovered Mr Snell’s dead body and panicked that he would get the blame due to being high on cocaine.

Prosecutor Peter Joyce QC said “The cause of death is unascertainable because there were so many body parts, but we know what he did. He killed him, he chopped him up and fed him to the badgers. It was murder to get his hands on this man’s money.”

He went on to describe Walsh’s story as “complete and utter rubbish.” The trial, at Derby Crown Court, lasted 3 weeks and it took jurors just an hour to return guilty verdicts on all charges. Sally Blaiklock, the inspector leading the investigation, said “The depraved acts that Daniel Walsh carried out on Graham Snell, a retired pensioner; a quiet man and a good neighbour, are truly shocking.

To compound that this is that they were carried out for his own self-preservation and so he could spend Graham’s small amount of savings at massage parlours, in casinos and on drink and drugs.”

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