Football broadcaster from Spain's Marbella EXPLODES in McDonalds drive thru as results arrive

A football broadcaster from Spain’s Marbella exploded on his football channel whilst sat in McDonald’s drive thru

A video of football broadcaster Adam Brown has gone viral around the world overnight after being viewed by over 8 million other football fans.

“Football With Brownie” that’s beamed from secret locations in Spain,  is normally a placid affair but as the football scores came through whilst he was in McDonald’s  drive thru he exploded.

Brown a Cardiff City supporter, blew into a rage when the result came through to his Spanish bolthole that arch rivals Swansea City had stuffed his team 0-2.

Burgers flew, chips flew as he went into probably the largest rant ever seen by a football broadcaster.

The presenter often known as the one ‘who shoots from the lisp’ clearly spits with fury at the result.

You can watch the video here but it comes with a serious FOUL LANGUAGE WARNING as the presenter explodes in the drive thru.  Global247News Twitter

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