Crazy Dad lets his kids dangle over 150 foot cliff at West Bay whilst he takes photos

KIDS dangle over a 150ft rocky cliff at West Bay while their crazy dad takes photos

We’ve all heard of people going to shocking lengths to get that perfect pic, but one dad in Dorset took a potentially deadly risk yesterday by posing with his children’s legs dangling over a 150ft sheer drop at the sandstone cliffs at West Bay, Dorset.

Stunned onlooker Mazz Blehs, 57 said: “I couldn’t believe it.

“I think the girl must have been seven or eight years old but the boy looked about three.

“It was so dangerous I felt ill looking at it.

“There have been rockfalls lately and I feared the worst.

“The man should really have known better and there are signs up telling people to stay away from the cliffs. I was shocked.”

Jake Lanning, of West Bay Coastguard, said:

“We have seen many instances over the years of individuals and families putting themselves at needless risk trying to take that perfect photo, but these images represent one of the most severe examples.

“You have to ask the question: ‘What photograph is worth risking your life, or the lives of your loved ones?’

Former Yeovil policeman Ian Stamper, who walks his dogs on the beach daily said: “What a crazy father and what a bloody stupid thing to do, he put his kids lives at risk, If I was still in the force, I would have arrested him on the spot”

The cliffs have become famous in recent years as the backdrop for TV series  ‘Broadchurch’ but never did anyone ever think they would see a father allowing his young children to dangle from them.  Global247News Twitter

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