Great Britain's ANDOVER is COVID free amazing scientists in the US

Andover in Great Britain is Coronavirus free amazing US scientists

US scientists are starting to study the town of Andover in the UK after it’s been revealed the town in Hampshire is virus free.

Whilst the majority of the UK’s appear like the US, riddled with Coronavirus infections, Andover a small town on the outskirts of Salisbury City are reporting no infections and now US scientists wish to investigate how they are managing it.

Professor Hank Schwartz from Minneapolis is now making a study on the town as to how the residents of the Hampshire town have ensured to be in such a position.

Schwartz said: ” That’s a truly amazing feat by their citizens and we need to find out how they have achieved this”

“Clearly they are doing something different to many of us – considering they aren’t that far from London, which is ravaged with infection – they remain clear, we are contacting counterparts there to find out how they have achieved this feat” he added.

Andover results are monitored by the British government, the 15 Middle-Layer Super Output Areas (MSOA) in Andover have reported fewer than three cases during the seven-day period from November 29 to December 5, the latest date for which figures are available and it’s now believed there are zero infections in the area.

Global247news spoke with a local resident from the town, Maggie Wilson who said she didn’t have the answers but said how the majority of the town’s citizens were taking the virus seriously, she said: ” Unlike what I see on the news of America, we are taking the virus seriously in our town, even the younger generation, following all the precautions, I’m very thankful to everyone around here for this, could be far worse towns and cities to live right now”

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