Expat British Bar Owners In Spain Fear 'No English Language Signage' In No Deal Brexit

Expat bar owners in Spain fear having to remove English language signage after December 31st

British bar and restaurant owners across Spain’s holiday regions of both the Costa del Sol and the Costa Blanca have had a torrid year financially in 2020 due to the years pandemic.
Now news is spreading along both coasts that extra large financial costs may burden them by having to remove all English language signage from outside their premises in the event of a No Deal Brexit.
Whilst it appears no official stance or statement has been presented to bar owners – bar owners themselves are fearing it’s true and that they are talking about it amongst themselves.
Jamie Daniels, a bar owner in Murcia of several years, feels it will happen if at the end of December there is no agreement between the UK & the EU and says how he’s heard the order will take place to remove all English language signage, he said :
“ Some people think I’m talking nonsense in our pub watch group but I can assure you now that I was told it by a town hall official – he also said it will be all establishments and not just bars”
“ He also told me straight to my face that it won’t just be our town hall applying it but all town halls across Spain in all regions”
“ They want us to look European and not British – the cost of having to re-do all the signage will be horrendous – it’s been financially crippling this year as it is without having to change all the signage” he finished.
Mick Duke, a friend of Jamie’s and a bar owner in nearby Alicante revealed also how the ‘news’ was doing the rounds as he said:
“ There’s a lot of talk about it between establishment owners and for that reason, I think there is something in it but not sure yet how serious it is, although it’s something we simply can’t afford to do at present anyway most bar owners around here are pot less”
“Although apart from being a financial nightmare it will be a marketing one too- we need to show and demonstrate that we are a British bar, it’s not as if Brit’s aren’t going to come to Spain anymore is it?” he asked.
Further South in Spain on the Costa del Sol bar owners appear not to be aware of any such ruling, Mark Sutherland from the Luna bar in Fuengirola said : “ I’ve heard some of the ‘tales’ but I just can’t see it – I can’t see it being the case at all, we would have been told by now and many bars around here have just completed regulation works on their awnings and outside terraces, although completion dates are now delayed due to the pandemic”
“ Anyway think about it Ireland’s still in the EU – so all we would just have to all say we are all Irish bars! “ he laughed.
“ The problem is there is so much speculation and worry at the moment for various reasons a lot of rubbish gets spoken” he finished.
Global247news contacted Marbella town hall on Friday evening and a spokesperson said: ” We have heard nothing of such a regulation and so can not comment any further”

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