Motorhome Traveler On Spain's Costa del Sol says 'area has no sense of humour'

A motor home traveler currently on Spain’s Costa del Sol says the region has lost its sense of humour and is shipping out to the Costa Blanca.

Pat Denman has travelled from France to the Costa del Sol for the first time in his Hymer motorhome but after being rejected from several Fuengirola bars in just the space of 3 days is moving on.

Denman, claims that the area has no sense of humour after bar owners have rejected his business over the choice of his T-shirts.

Just before his departure this morning from the Los Boliches area of the town, where he’s been parked up, he told Global247news how he and partner Billy are moving on as the area is not what he expected, he said:

” People around here need a ‘sense of humour transplant’ – I’ve been not allowed in 7 bars in the area simply because of my funny T-shirts, I thought bars around here needed the business, but clearly not ”

” The last straw was when burly Scotsman Tommy took offence to my Yorkshire Ripper shirt, he started swearing at me and was very offensive outside the Irish Bar”

” We have never been here before, we came because we heard it was a laid back place, although everyone is stiff as a board” he added.

Pat and partner Billy set off this morning to the Costa Blanca where they feel they will get a warmer welcome.  Global247News Twitter

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