Cabin crew advised to wear nappies during flights

Chinese cabin crew have been advised to wear adult disposable nappies during their working day. When traveling to high-risk destinations so as to avoid toilet use in a bid to cut down the chance of spreading the corona virus.

Cabin crew advised to wear nappies during flights: The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) has made the recommendation for flights traveling to destinations that have more than 500 per 1 million cases. It has recently updated it’s list of guidelines and, according to the Hindustan Times, has said “It’s recommended that cabin crew wear disposable diapers and avoid using the lavatory unless in special circumstances to reduce the risk of infection.” Other recommendations made in the new guidelines are the wearing of face masks, double layers of rubber gloves, googles, disposable clothing and shoe covers.

It also advises that each aircraft should be split into 4 separate areas divided off by disposable curtains. There should be a “clean area”, “passenger area”, “quarantine area” and a “buffer zone.” The advice reads “Efforts shall be made to have an understanding of the mental health conditions of front-line crew members. Duty scheduling for international flights shall be made after giving full consideration to crew members’ psychological conditions, personality, current family life pressures, social support system and other circumstances.”  Global247News Twitter

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