Boris communication bungle ends up on all front pages in the UK

Prime Minister Boris Johnson did not have a UK audience in mind when he made his stark warning that an exit from the European Union without a trade deal is almost upon the UK.

Despite securing almost a clean sweep of Friday newspaper front pages, the intended recipients of the message were the 27 EU leaders sitting down for dinner in Brussels not long after the short interview was released.

So for good measure, British diplomats made sure the EU 27 were aware it was coming – and alert to its contents in good time for the European Council dinner.
The aim of issuing that message ahead of the EU dinner was not just a battle cry to underline his seriousness about no deal if necessary, despite the EU’s resolute belief the outcome will hurt Britain more than them.
It was also because the prime minister wanted to make crystal clear to all EU leaders directly the single biggest sticking point in the negotiation, which has frozen the talks for the last seven days.
The biggest obstacle is the EU’s demand the UK match future rules to ensure fair competition.

If it does not, it will face automatic punishment in the form of tariffs.  Global247News Twitter

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