Spain's Costa del Sol Latest Festive Restrictions described as a 'croc of shite'

As the Junta of Andalucia released this evening the festive period restrictions – local businessman described them as a ‘croc of shite’ as he thought of bar and restaurant owners.

The restrictions are as follows,

Two periods, with different regs.
1. From 12/12 to midnight 17/12: travels to other municipalities allowed, within the province. Shops to close at 21 hrs. Hostelería at 18 hrs. Curfew at 22.00 hrs.
2. From 18/12 to 10/01: travels to other provinces allowed as well.
Between 23/12 and 06/01 you can move to other Autonomous Regions as well.
Curfew at 23 hrs instead of 22 hrs.
Special curfew for the dates 24, 25, 31 December and 1 January: 01.30 hrs.
On those dates, max. of 10 to meet up with family in private home. With no more than 2 households.
On all the other dates in the period, max. of 6 for social meetings.
Shops open at normal hours.
Special timeslots for hostelería to open: from 06 to 18 and from 20 to 22.30 hrs.
Sierra Nevada ski station will open as of the 18th of December.
Special regulations for those in residencias for elderly, to come home for Christmas.
Gary Adamson, Managing Director of Bars Abroad, says they are a ‘Croc of Shite’ and is appalled that bar owners have to close and then re-open just for a couple of extra hours trade.
“I’m thinking of all my fellow friends and foe in the hospitality industry – this just doesn’t make any sense at all – In fact it’s just crazy!”
“Close at 6 and reopen at 8 and then close again 10.30 – who could make that up?” he stormed.
Whilst the restrictions don’t make any sense to the hundreds of ex pats on the Costa del Sol some as well as Gary are fuming, drinker, Walter Evans said: ” Who in their right mind is going to go home at 6 and return at 8’o’clock – no one, either they won’t come back out or like me will pop in the shop, get a couple a cans and sit outside for two hours no doubt chatting to pals, probably safer we were in the bar in the first place!” – ” What a load of rubbish – typical Spanish mentality” added the Fuengirola bar regular.  Global247News Twitter

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