Parents in Spain under investigation of manslaughter of their baby by shaking to death

THE parents of a baby which died in Lleida Spain after 13 days in hospital are under investigation for alleged manslaughter.

The four week old baby, died on November 18, after almost two weeks in the Intensive Care Unit at Sant Joan de Deu Hospital in Barcelona, where he was admitted with serious injuries, thought to be caused by abuse.

The police and child welfare officers were called in by doctors who suspected the child had been abused.

Both parents have attended hearings at a Cervera Court and police will now decide if the baby was killed intentionally or through negligence.

The baby’s mother, 18, already attended a hearing on November 12 as a suspect, while the father was simply questioned as a witness. She was released with charges of abuse and causing bodily harm.

The child suffered from “shaken baby syndrome”, which causes brain damage and killed the child.  Global247News Twitter

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