British MP's May Have To Work Up To Midnight On Christmas Eve Brings UK Laughter

Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle says he is prepared to keep MPs at Westminster until Christmas Eve if necessary to get a Brexit deal through Parliament.

He told British media the current plan is for the Commons to rise on 21 December, but it would be better to sit for a few more days rather than go through the difficulty of returning MPs after breaking up.

Sir Lindsay spoke after attending a socially distanced carol service for MPs and Commons staff around the giant Christmas tree in New Palace Yard – the outdoor area above Parliament’s underground car park.
Although the statement has brought laughter throughout the country on social media.
In Somerset, local businessman Adrian Vincent who operates ‘ Trade Solutions’ in the town of Yeovil said:
“Our local MP Marcus Fysh probably hasn’t worked a full days graft in his life I doubt he will be best pleased having to work Christmas Eve this year – no doubt he will find an excuse to get out of it” Vincent said.
“All jokes aside – what a political mess, but I think deep down we all knew it would end this way, 3 whole years to sort it out and now having to work Christmas Eve, you couldn’t make this ‘shit’ up” he finished.
Meanwhile over in South Wales, the feeling was clearly mutual, Gareth Forcell in the town of Church Village said: ” MP’s work on Christmas Eve? – they don’t know what work is, leeches off society the bloody lot of them, posh suits, second homes and expenses sheets bigger than Cardiff City’s playing budget – if they are working that night I hope it’s televised! – I won’t believe it otherwise”
In Andover, former Headmaster Gareth Hughes, who resigned from his position after spats with Michael Gove whilst in charge of education said: ” Lock the lot of them in for the whole of Christmas for all I care, they don’t know what work is anyway, a bunch of spivs – probably spend the majority of it with their bits on the side swilling vino in the commons bar!”  Global247News Twitter

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