Spain's Costa del Sol Bar Owners Demand Longer Trading Hours Before They Go Bust

THE Andalucia Federation of Catering Businesses (Horeca) has asked the Junta de Andalucia for permission to open until 11.30pm.

This, they say, will allow them to serve dinner and keep thousands of businesses alive and people in work.

Current restrictions, until 6pm, with another four hours until curfew, are leading to dangerous situations in which people are gathering privately, with no health measures and no control to prevent coronavirus contagion, as bars and restaurants are closed, the federation has said.

They report that people agree while at bars and restaurants to all go home together once they close.

Profits have reportedly fallen by 70 per cent in the catering sector over the December long weekend, compared to the same holiday period last year, due to the curfew, plus the bad weather, which prevented many premises from using their outdoor terraces, while indoor occupancy levels are allowed at only 30 per cent in most of Andalucia. In Malaga, the allowed rate is 50 per cent.readiness for the announcement regarding new measures expected from the Junta de Andalucia this week, Horeca has stressed that the survival of some 250,000 people depends upon better conditions for the sector and is asking for closing times to be extended until 11.30pm, as well as allowing higher occupation levels throughout the region.

Eddie Woolmer a bar owner in Spain’s Marbella told Global247news how he backs the appeal to the Junta and said:

“I back the appeal to the Junta although it’s worded politely – the reality is if they don’t take the breaks off, the majority of us are going to go ‘ tits up’ – they talk of no restrictions of travellers to Spain in March but hey if they don’t start supporting us then visitors will be coming to a ghost town with no bars at all”  Global247News Twitter

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