President Moreno will meet tomorrow with 'expert' panel to decide on Costa del Sol forthcoming regulation

The COVID regulations for Spain’s Costa del Sol will be discussed tomorrow by Andalucian President Moreno and his experts

As the President meets tomorrow with his experts, with an announcement due later in the afternoon, although current restrictions have already been stated they will remain in place until the weekend – December 12th.

It’s not clear as to what restrictions will be lifted or modified, although bar and restaurant owners are hoping for an extension of trading hours, likely to be set between 9 -10PM, from the current 6PM.

The governing body has previously hinted at the extension if cases dropped to which they have.

The subject is high on the agenda tomorrow.

At a press conference today a spokesperson for the Junta told how the current restrictions have worked and lowered the infection rates.

Also on the agenda tomorrow is the lifting of the current curfew and it’s hours currently in place, the other the restrictions in travel currently in place between municipalities, although the President kept his personal thoughts to himself saying ‘ It will be down to the experts”

On Spain’s Costa del Sol, Bar and Restaurant owners will be praying tonight for an extension, said Mike Tilbury, he said:

“The extra few hours each evening could be vital to survival, daytime only trading is not profitable, the extra few hours can make all the difference, especially at his time of year”  Global247News Twitter

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