500 Mystery illness cases in India could be linked to metal poisoning

According to testing the mystery illness that has caused many people to fall ill could be caused by heavy metal poisoning.

500 Mystery illness in India could be linked to metal poisoning: First cases of the illness emerged in the city of Eluru during the weekend. With patients suffering from a range of symptoms including nausea, seizures, convulsions and loss of consciousness. After being tested for COVID-19 all the results came back negative.

At least 10 of the sufferers tested had traces of metals in their blood stream. Including nickel and lead. Superintendent of Eluru Government Hospital Dr A V Mohan told a local news source that. “The sample size that we sent on an urgent basis to AIIMS. (All India Institute of Medical Sciences in Delhi) was small. But their report indicates presence of heavy metals like lead and nickel in the blood samples of patients.

We have sent more samples and their reports are awaited.” He went on to state that there were only 84 cases left hospitalized. And they should be discharged soon. The Health Commissioner for Andhra Pradesh, the region where the outbreak occurred, Katamaneni Bhaskar, said. “We have tentatively identified the primary cause of the strange phenomenon. But it is not yet clear of the source and how and why it has happened.

For instance, the chemicals are found in the body of the patients but not in either the water or any food substance. Since the illness emerged on Saturday reports say that 555 people have been treated in hospital. And while most had fully recovered there was one 45-year-old man who had died from his symptoms.

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