Trevor Payne warned with 10 grand fine over his Christmas lights

POLICE Threaten Homeowner With £10,000 Fine For Christmas Lights Decoration on his house

Trevor Payne, aged 46, from Cheslyn Hay, Staffordshire, has had the police call round to his home, on Saturday, December 5, and threaten him with a £10,000 coronavirus, against his annual Christmas lights, that it takes him 5 weeks to erect, decorating his home and garden, to raise money for mental health charity, ‘Young Minds’.

The police officers claimed that the crowds of neighbours, and passers-by, flocking to see the illuminations, were a coronavirus “large gathering”, and that he should turn them off, or face a large fine, even though Mr Payne had allegedly received full permission from the local council, ensuring he was complying with the coronavirus rules.

Mr Payne said, “We agreed an action plan, so a one-way system, hand sanitiser, posts on social media about the guidelines, and I’ve even blocked my drive off so people can’t drive up. I put all of that in place, turned the lights on and they turned up the following night and said ‘turn them off’, which I did. I’m just gutted and disappointed by it. I love seeing the kids on the drive, their faces just lit up with joy. But because of the pandemic, people have got nothing to do, so they’ve seen the Facebook page, and it’s gone crazy really, people have been travelling from far away to see it”.  Global247News Twitter

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