MP says Brexit is the "biggest disaster of modern times"

MP Pete Wishart, who is well known for his explosive anti-Brexit comments in the House of Commons, has called the Brexit deal agreed by the Prime Minister “a barely defrosted turkey” and has hailed it as “the biggest unconcluded disaster of modern times”

MP says Brexit is the “biggest disaster of modern times”: His comments come in the middle of a deadlock in future relationship talks between the EU and UK, with time now running out to agree a post-Brexit trade deal. Although the UK left the EU on 31st January this year they have basically been going through the transition period during the year and have remained members until everything is agreed.

However, teams from both sides have failed to strike a deal with only 24 days left remaining of the transition period. During a debate on Brexit in the House of Commons on Monday Wishart said “Here we are at the 59th minute of the 11th hour. What was always going to be the easiest deal in history has become the biggest unconcluded disaster of modern times.” Referring back to the promises made by Boris Johnson during his election campaign in 2019 when he stated that Brexit would be an “over-ready deal” Wishart said “The oven-ready deal was in fact a barely defrosted turkey.

We still don’t know if it’s to be a low deal or a no deal. We still don’t know the scale of the carnage that each sector will have to endure.” A spokesman for Mr Johnson said that although time was running out Britain would continue with discussions if a deal agreement was still possible.  Global247News Twitter

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