The Queen will not queue jump to get coronavirus vaccine

Sources at Buckingham Palace have announced that the Queen and Prince Philip will not be jumping the queue to receive the coronavirus vaccine.

The Queen will not queue jump to get coronavirus vaccine: Queen Elizabeth and her husband would be qualified to be in the first group to be vaccinated due to their ages. With the Queen being 94 and the Duke of Edinburgh nearly 100. However sources at the Palace said that although the Queen will receive the jab it will be up to her if she makes it public or not. A source said. “The royals are royals, but medical matters are private. If they do decide to have the jab, it is a matter for them. If they decide to then go public, again that is their call. But they certainly do not want to be seen to be jumping the queue, and they will not be doing so.”

Officials at Downing Street are hoping that they go public with the news which would encourage others to have it. A similar move was made way back in 1957 when the Queen announced that both Princess Anne and Prince Charles, as children, had the vaccine against polio. Which calmed public fears regarding it. Environment Secretary George Eustice said. “This would be a personal decision for the Queen, as it is for everyone. But it’s very important that we try to make sure people are reassured about this vaccine.

” It follows reports that the NHS wants “sensible” celebrities and the Royal Family to promote the jab. To combat skepticism over vaccination. A Buckingham Palace spokesman said. “Medical decisions are personal, and this is not something we will comment on.”  Global247News Twitter

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