Spain's Former King Makes A Tax Declaration Whilst Under Investigation

SPAIN’S former King Juan Carlos I has voluntarily submitted a declaration to the Spanish tax office seeking to put his financial situation in order.

The voluntary declaration was presented by his lawyer with sources saying, on Sunday, December 6, that the move was in connection with an ongoing anti-fraud investigation looking into his credit card use.

Prosecutors had sent legal requests to determine whether funds deposited in at several Spanish bank accounts held by a Mexican business and a Spanish Air Force official could be accessed by the scandal-hit former monarch.

According to Swiss daily La Tribune, Saudi’s late king Abdullah deposited $100 million (€82 million) into a Swiss private bank in 2008 to which Juan Carlos I had access, prompting suspicions it was a kickback for the contract which was awarded three years later.

If proven, the allegations could constitute a money laundering offence, for which he could be prosecuted given that the movement of funds and use of the credit cards occurred after his abdication in June 2014.

Although Spain’s citizens are expecting him to reveal the full truth, Antonio Lopez in Malaga said: ” It’s a PR cover up attempt, he’s as corrupt as they come, I expect some big ‘ whoppers’ on that declaration.  Global247News Twitter

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