Ceip Benalua

ALICANTE parents camp outside a local school during the December bridge to prevent more break-ins

Parents and students have been taking turns to camp outside the Ceip Benalua on Spain’s Costa Blanca while the school is closed during the holidays of the December.

It comes in an attempt to discourage thieves and vandals who have been targeting the school in recent weeks.

The college has called on the city council and the government to speed up the improvements to security after they have suffered five robberies and vandalisms in just two weeks.

Director María Encarnación Donate reported that just last Friday, they found shattered windows and doors, and the vandals had thrown food found in the kitchen all over the walls and floors.

The school has had projectors, computers and other valuable items stolen in recent weeks also.

Parents have pleaded with authorities not to wait until after Christmas to improve the security situation, and the Local and National Police said they have committed to strengthen surveillance to prevent further thefts while security systems are improved school.

It comes as Spanish families are suffering hard as the countries economy crashes and bites hard with crime figures going in the opposite direction.

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