Alcohol Testers Considered By Welsh Police Force After 'Sunday boozy Sunday' in Pubs

Alcohol testers are being considered in Wales by police after a boozy Sunday continued in Wales

Despite the new regulations in place in Wales, where Mark Drakeford to the disgust of the Welsh nation has banned alcohol in pubs, punters flocked to the pubs for Sunday lunches and drank ‘Alcohol Free Beer’  with their roasts.

Across South Wales especially many ‘drinkers’ took to social media to state how they were still enjoying their Sunday tradition down the pub.

Chris Williams posted from his local in Pontypridd: ” Sunday lunch with a few ‘wets’ with the Mrs – alcohol free of course ‘ wink wink’ ”

Whilst James Kennedy in the Vale of Glamorgan near Cowbridge posted sarcastically: “Pubs packed today, great roast and few alcohol free bevies, never seen so many wobble sober”

Although it’s reported that the Welsh police haven’t seen the funny side and are meeting this week to consider Alcohol testers to see if beer being drunk is actually alcohol free.

PC Hassell from Aberdare in the Welsh valleys told customers as he was on duty yesterday, ” The force are going to meet with the government this week to discuss alcohol testers as to ascertain if landlords are really serving alcohol free beer”

Micheal Harvey from Aberycnon, told Global247news “I was down the club yesterday and it was like ‘Sunday Boozy Sunday’ the lads were having a great time whilst Sunday lunch sales went through the roof too, this law is bloody stupid and there are so many ways around it – the law came in for 5 minutes and took a quick gander but I don’t think they were that bothered actually but they did mention that next week they may have alcohol testers to dip in peoples pints”

“I can’t see that working though, I won’t be letting anyone dip my pint – that surely can’t be good for health and and safety against the Coronavirus” he grinned.

Meanwhile Dai Evans in Treforest told how he feels the testers wouldn’t work anyway, he said: Any tester won’t work, the beer is made with alcohol at first and then extracted and like cough medicine will contain traces – what they going to do? breathalyser tests as you leave the pub!”

” Wales doesn’t have enough cops at the best of times, so the chance of getting caught having a ‘sneaky alcohol free’ will be very unlucky – it’s a daft law anyway one that can’t be controlled”  Global247News Twitter

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