World's biggest iceberg tracked by RAF heading towards remote island

The world’s biggest iceberg, named A68a, is being tracked by an RAF reconnaissance aircraft which has taken aerial photographs as it heads towards the remote island of South Georgia.

World’s biggest iceberg tracked by RAF heading towards remote island: The iceberg, a 4,200-sq-km block, is currently moving through the Southern Antarctic Front. The aircraft has managed to capture details of fissures and cracks in the main block along with ice debris that surrounds it. Squadron Leader Michael Wilkinson said “I know I speak on behalf of all of the crew involved when I say this is certainly a unique and unforgettable task to be involved in.”

The actual size of A68a means that it is totally impossible to capture the whole of it on one photograph from the A400M aircraft. However, along with video footage and imagery gained from it’s movement experts will be able to predict it’s future movements and work out the size of the threat it holds to the local area. If it hits ground near South Georgia it will present a problem for wildlife such as seals and penguins as they try to reach the sea to feed.  Global247News Twitter

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