Hunting BANNED In Spain's National Parks But Fuengirola Campaigner says 'It's Not Enough'

At last hunting  for sport of commercial gain is banned in Spain’s national parks as new law is introduced

As of yesterday, December 5, sport and commercial hunting is no longer allowed in the country’s national parks.

This was the date that was set as the end of the six-year moratorium to adapt to the National Parks Law 30/2014 , which established that hunting activity is incompatible with these spaces of maximum protection.

The decision is controversial, with environmentalists applauding the decision to protect wildlife while hunters insist it will result in job losses and an overpopulation of many species. However, officials report that permits can still be granted in those areas where hunting is deemed necessary for population control.

“In most parks they will be careful before approving any hunting activity, but others will continue to force the situation so that hunters continue to shoot in these spaces”, comments Miguel Ángel Hernández, from Ecologistas en Acción, who criticizes “the irregularities and confusion ”around this law.The Artemisán Foundation, made up of different organizations from the hunting field, insist the prohibition will cause “environmental damage” to the biodiversity of the national parks.

Anti hunting campaigner and animal lover, Maria Hern in Spain’s Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol, told Global247news:

” It’s a result and a great step forward, but it only covers national parks, we will continue to campaign for a total ban on all hunting, an animals life is just as important as a humans – they have exactly the same feelings and it’s still murder” she said.  Global247News Twitter

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