Expat Home owners who voted 'Leave' On Spain's Costa Blanca & Costa Del Sol Up In Arms

British Expat Spanish homeowners on Spain’s Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca who voted ‘leave’ during the Brexit referendum are now up in arms complaining about the 90 day ruling

As December the 31st approaches fast and with no current Brexit agreements in place between the UK and the EU, reality is hitting home for those British Expats that they will only be able to stay in their second homes in Spain for a maximum of 90 days before having to leave Europe.

Although more astonishing is that a large proportion of them voted ‘leave’ when voting took place 3 years ago.

The situation is in Spain and other parts of Europe that those who do not wish to be Spanish residents and share their time between Spain & the UK will not be allowed to remain or return to Europe after a 90 day period, for a further 90 day period.

Now as the deadline approaches reality is kicking in and homeowners are calling for the law to be changed.

Social media channels are full of complaints in Expat Facebook groups where homeowners have formed ‘communities’

Global247news reporters have contacted some of the major complainers over the weekend to obtain their views and question their voting at the time.

Mick Horswill who owns a €500,000 Villa in the hills of Mijas said: “It’s a pathetic law, we should still be able as homeowners to come and go as we please, we have invested in Spain, we spend a lot of money here, I have a printing company in Suffolk and spend my time between the two countries, but for many reasons I wish to be a British resident not a Spanish one, there’s no choice of dual residency and thats where the law needs changing if you are a homeowner in Spain, yes it’s correct I voted ‘leave’ but that was because I think it’s best for Britain as a whole as a nation”

Meanwhile homeowner in Torreblanca, Chris Williams, from Talbot Green in South Wales, said: ” I’ve had my home here for over 14 years now, I use it for six months at a time, September to February to avoid the British winter, I run a communications business and operate it during the winter from my Villa which has a specially built office, I estimate each year I spend 20 grand whilst here supporting the economy, do the Spanish want that reduced by 50% each year? this is where the Spanish aren’t thinking straight, they need to do a deal directly with Boris Johnson, yes of course I voted ‘leave’ – it’s the right thing for Britain and it’s economy without dictation from the EU, which I feel will fall apart when Britain finally leaves”

” I have no choice but to be a British resident, for business reasons, that shouldn’t block me from Spain after 90 days” he added.

Gareth Hughes has a larger predicament, although he did vote ‘ remain’ as he blasted those who voted ‘leave’ – my Company is based in the UK, but it involves a lot of European travel, as I have hundreds of clients based in the UK, so next year thanks to ‘ Thick British idiots who despite having homes here, voting ‘leave’ I won’t even be able to stay 90 days, as I need the travel time to go to Italy, France and Portugal, I’m selling up because of them clowns and will buy an apartment in Gib”

It appears it’s the same situation in the Costa Blanca, further down the coast in Spain, which has an even larger British population.

Dawn Watkins, From Liverpool feels the Spanish government need the British revenues of long stayers and they should consider that, ” We are in a position where over one million legals here in Spain spend a vast amount of money we earn in Britain, do the Spanish government really want to miss out on that? – as always the Spanish are shooting themselves in the foot.”

“Yes I voted leave, I did it for the benefit of my home nation as a whole, although now 90 day regulation may force me to sell up, but the law will only harm Spain” she added.

Paul Johnson from Cardiff though had the last word, from his La Cala home on the Costa del Sol, he said: ” They can’t have their cake and eat it, I watch the comments and complaints in the groups and they hate it when I pipe up, they voted leave so they should now obey what’s coming or simply bugger off home, Spain can survive without them for sure, they are not as important as they think they are! – I’m now a Spanish resident and will pay my taxes here in the future unlike those ‘tax dodgers’ – that’s what it’s all about in reality” he said.

“They should have engaged their brains when it came to the vote now they can pay the price for voting the wrong way!” he finished.



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