Aston Martin to continue production of fuel powered cars after 2030

Aston Martin, the maker of luxury cars, has said that it will continue it’s production of combustion engine cars. After 2030 when the UK ban the sale of them in favour of electric or hybrid engine vehicles.

Aston Martin to continue production of fuel powered cars after 2030: Despite the UK ban on fuel powered cars after 2030 the company have vowed to continue production for global petrol enthusiasts and this will mean that they will be unable to sell them to their home market once the ban is in place. Speaking at the Financial Times Future of the Car summit the executive chairman of Aston Martin, Lawrence Stroll, said that there was always going to be enthusiasts who want their cars solely powered by the internal combustion engine (ICE) and the company will continue to cater for them.

Aston Martin Vantage

The company will still be producing electric and hybrid engine cars from 2025 however Stroll said that the cars with ICE will still make up 5% of their sales and could never see this figure going to zero. When questioned on whether the company could see ICE cars still being produced in 2050 to 2060 he said that “That is beyond the horizon I’m looking at.” Stroll also aims to restore the trademark luxury credentials for Aston Martin.

The company have recently unveiled a partnership deal with Mercedes-Benz, giving them a 20% share in the business by 2023 and making them one of the major shareholders. The deal will see an existing supply agreement between the two firms — which has been in place since 2013 — expanded to give Aston access to Mercedes’ hybrid and electric drive technology. When questioned on Brexit, Stroll said that “Aston Martin has to stay in the UK, it’s such a big part of its DNA.”  Global247News Twitter

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