Valleys Anti COVID Regulation Campaigner Hits Out At Welsh Labour Voters

Welsh anti Coronavirus campaigner launches an attack on fellow Countrymen for voting Labour

Notorious anti coronavirus regulation campaigner Steven Thomas has launched a stinging attack on his fellow countrymen who vote for the Welsh Labour Party.

Thomas, who has had many run in’s with both the law and the Welsh government since the start of the pandemic, took to his social media channels today to launch his latest propaganda, although this time it was directly at the Labour voters in Wales rather than the establishment themselves.

Valleys Anti COVID Regulation Campaigner Hits Out At Welsh Labour Voters

The Bargoed former nuclear scientist hit out saying:

“You know it’s Wales when everyone hates Drakeford and Welsh Labour right now but will still vote them back in because it’s traditional” 

Hundreds of his large following were quickly in agreement with his sentiment.

Dorothy Jenkins from Pontyclun said ” hear hear, well said, It’s bugged me for years, I know someone who votes Labour simply because their grandfather did – she hasn’t a clue about politics – it’s just a family tradition”

Whilst Adam Davies, from Pontypridd said: “It goes back generations, I’ve never really understood it and not agreed with it but hopefully now the people of Wales will see Labour for what hey really are, we need to get rid of them at the next election, thats for sure”

According to Liam James in Bridgend: ” It goes back in my generation to Thatcher closing the mines, the Tories and her will never be forgiven in Wales, throw that in the mix with the Welsh history of voting Labour and that’s why they are in power in Wales, despite the fact currently they are killing small and large businesses in Wales”

The political rows continue in Wales, especially under Mark Drakeford’s stance on the pandemic.

Last night saw pubs close in Wales at 6pm as thousands poured to the pubs for that last social drink before the ruling, with many feeling it will be extended by the Welsh leader until the new year.

Global247news caught up with Wales largest campaigner Thomas this morning as he said:

” It’s time everyone had a head wobble who vote for Labour, the stigma of simply voting for them through history has to stop now, just look at he pathetic rulings currently taking place in our own country, Drakeford and his counterparts are killing us and peoples businesses, it has to stop, I hope everyone remembers this when the elections come around”

“I may even stand myself as an independent, my support is growing fast” he added.  Global247News Twitter

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