An Imminent Welsh evening curfew is a big possibility according to close sources to Welsh Assembly Members

Welsh leader Mark Drakeford has already closed down bars and restaurants at 6pm in Wales, whilst banning them from selling alcoholic beverages.

Drakeford has also already addressed the Welsh nation, stating that he will take further steps if required in the battle against the Coronavirus pandemic in Wales.

One of the leaders main concerns is the activity of the younger generations in the evening, illegal house parties over the festive period and youths assembling on the streets at meeting points.

Now a close source to Cardiff AM Neil McEvoy has told Global247news how he understands that a Welsh curfew is on the agenda in the corridors of power in Cardiff Bay.

The political source said: “A curfew is the next step that Drakeford is considering, Mark has been studying what’s been taking place in other European countries, rather than following the guidance of England, just as we saw with the ‘fire break’ lockdown recently”

“Under consideration, if the Coronavirus figures do not drop quickly is an evening curfew, just as they operate in Europe and has resulted in a considerable fall in infection numbers”

“Again, it’s common knowledge at the Sendd that no vote will be taken on this measure by Assembly ministers and will like the recent regulations a directly ordered regulation by Mark Drakeford, taking advice from his safety and medical experts.”

“A curfew time has already been studied by them, the study shows a time of either 9 or 10PM until 7AM, where all Welsh citizens will have to be at home between these hours – the idea behind the ‘think tank’ is that it will stop the younger generation especially, gathering and spreading infection of the virus, also a way of containing people in Wales and preventing travel to places such as Bristol and other border towns where regulations are different”

“One of the factors of a 9 or 10PM curfew is that it allows 3 to 4 hours for everyone to return home before it starts and avoiding congregation to meet the curfew deadline, there are likely to be exemptions for vital night workers”

” Fines will be given out for curfew flouters, although the amounts are also still being discussed, although in Europe they start at  €1000″

“Unless the infection figures fall quickly under the new regulations that started yesterday – I feel this is imminent” he finished.

The curfew policy across Europe, is still being rolled out, whilst Spain has already a curfew in place, France starts it’s national curfew on December 15th after being in a second national lockdown and State Of Emergency.

Spanish citizens have now been under curfew for over a month, with also their bars and restaurants having a 6PM closure, although it has proved to have been a success, to where the governing bodies are proposing to relax the laws tomorrow after their ‘Bank Holiday weekend’.

Costa del Sol based Dr Rupert Hayman, told Global247news how he has seen the curfew procedures work, he said:

“Rates of infection have fallen considerably in Andalucia since the curfew was put in place, everything closes at 6PM and the curfew commences at 10PM until 7AM to where everybody has to conform, what has taken place it has prevented evening gatherings of people totally, to which was a large proportion of blame for the second wave here, it clearly has worked although the general public were against it when first implemented.”

” In my personal medical opinion, it’s a good idea” he finished.  Global247News Twitter

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