A man who became annoyed after rowing with his wife was stopped by police. Checking for people not adhering to lockdown rules after he had managed to walk 280 miles.

Italian man fined for walking 280 miles: Although he and his wife lived in the northern town of Como, on the Italian/Swiss border, police discovered him breaking the lockdown rules some 280 south. Near the town of Fano on the Adriatic coast. He said that after the argument he needed to walk to calm himself down.  And after a week was found by police who couldn’t believe he had walked so far.

Upon checking him out it was discovered that his wife had indeed reported him missing a week earlier. Reports from Italian media said that the man was cold and tired but seemed ok in himself. The unnamed 48-year-old man said that he had not realised how far he had walked to calm down. He told the officers who found hism that “I’m fine, just a little tired.”

His wife, who came to pick him up, confirmed that he had stormed out of the house after their row. And hadn’t been seen since. However, as well as picking up her husband’s overnight hotel bill in Fano, she was also told to pay the €400 fine he had been given by police for breaching the Covid overnight curfew.

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