Drunk men jailed for causing chaos on Jet2 flight

Two men have been jailed after they caused chaos on a Jet2 flight when they were refused a bottle of champagne.

Drunk men jailed for causing chaos on Jet2 flight: A court heard that the drunken friends, Daniel Naylor, 29, and Daniel Keigher, 32, abused cabin staff after they were informed that they could only purchase one alcoholic drink each. The pair were handed a final warning letter after the torrent of abuse and also as they tried to “bear hug” the cabin crew. On Wednesday Manchester Magistrates’ Court heard how they tried to fool staff by saying that, as they were both dyslexic, they could not read the warning letter.

They also refused to hand over their passports and stated that they couldn’t care less if the flight was diverted or they were arrested. When the flight finally landed in Manchester from Krakow, Poland at 10pm on the 28th September the pair were arrested. Naylor and Keigher, both from Bolton, admitted to being drunk on the flight and were jailed for 18 weeks, had to pay one cabin crew member £75 compensation and incurred court costs of £213.

They have also been banned from using Jet2 for a year. Prosecutor Paul Sumner said

“They were on board a flight from Poland to Manchester Airport due to land at 10pm. The defendants were sat with a group of people, approximately four. The cabin crew had made a decision to serve one alcoholic beverage to each passenger to prevent issues. Naylor wanted two alcoholic drinks, he immediately asked for a bottle of champagne, that was refused.” He said that it was at this point that Keigher became abusive and started shouting.

He went on to add “Both males were handed a final warning letter, both stated they couldn’t read it because they were dyslexic.” The pairs defense agent, Emma Hassell, said that the two men were not alcoholics and both were hard working family men. She also said “They had consumed alcohol but not so much they were refused entry. They accepted their behaviour, they had had a drink, the bear hug was meant jokingly not threateningly.

Mr Naylor is a subcontractor, Mr Keigher is a joiner. They would not be able to do this job if they were dependent on alcohol, they both work very hard.” Judge Bernard Begley summed up by saying that there was no alternative to custody and that “You have both stable family lives and gainful employment, that falls in your favour.”

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