Welsh Woman strangled by her dogs!

An inquest has heard that a woman was killed after her two dogs pulled on their leads. While she had them round her neck on her daily dog walk.

Welsh Woman strangled by her dogs!: The woman, Deborah Mary Roberts, 47, was found by a young girl laying face down in the grass on the 8th July. The inquest was told that two men, who had been working at an address in Garden VIllage, Wrexham, North Wales were approached by a young girl. Who said that her friend was choking and needed help so they went to grassland behind the street they were on and found Roberts face down.

They also heard that when Roberts was discovered she still had the leads wrapped around her neck. And the dogs were still pulling on them. Roberts, from Rhosddu, Wrexham was pronounced dead at the scene. Despite the efforts of a paramedic team who tried to revive her. The two dogs, Tyson and Ruby, were loving pets and were found whimpering at the scene.

The victim’s son, Robert, told the inquest at Denbighshire County Hall that. “They are beautiful dogs. If you met them now they’d just jump up and lick you. All they were doing is trying to help my mum when she fell.”

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