Spain's Marbella On The Costa del Sol to have extra stricter Christmas controls

 Spain’s Marbella on the Costa Del Sol has decided to reinforce its Christmas security with the holidays approaching.


The city council of Marbella will introduce stricter controls this coming holiday period both for the Christmas week and before that on the 6 December the national constitution day.

The councillor for the security of the residents of Marbella Jose Eduardo Diaz has calle for the extra security to ensure there is no relaxing of controls on circulation hours of curfew.

Random controls will work inland and on its coasts and be made by local police and civil protection to ensure a quiet but therefore safe Christmas in the Marbella region.

Additional patrols will be flexible and concentrate on the perimeter of Marbella as well as ensuring everyone observes the hours of movement.

Keeping to the measures outlined by local government will be a step in the right direction towards the goal of a near-normal 2021 in the region.

Expat Micheal Greening in San Pedro though believes laws and restrictions should be relaxed over Christmas, he told Global247news this morning: ” It’s tighter enough here already at the moment and the council are strangling the area, its hardly the Coronavirus mile – it’s Christmas and a vital period of trade for thousands, extra restrictions won’t assist at all, they need to take the brakes off and relax so citizens can earn”

“We should be welcoming tourists and visitors not blocking them out, Jet2 and TUI holidaymakers  are clamming up to get to Marbella – we should not be preventing them entering, we need their business badly!”  Global247News Twitter

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