RACIST football broadcaster Adam Brown sought by angry fans on Spain's Costa del Sol

Angry football fans want to lynch football broadcaster Adam Brown after what they deem are racist remarks against a French player

Brown, who resides on the Costa del Sol in Spain, in various secret locations, to post his very controversial footballing views, has upset the footballing world with his latest comments.

Brown a former football hooligan, who was banned from all UK and European football grounds for 3 years after a ‘punch up’ outside QPR’s Loftus Road, now broadcasts from the safety as Spain where he feels he’s outside the zone to say as he wishes.

Although Arsenal fans especially as well as other footballing ‘lads’ are baying for is blood after what they deem as a racist attack on French player Matteo Guendouzi.

Brown slated the Arsenal player citing him as “The French Robbie Savage, lower league Premier player at best, an arrogant French tw@t with a sh@t haircut”

The statement fired up members of the two Arsenal hooligan firms known as ‘The Gooners’ & The Herd’ who are determined to track Brown down in Spain and ‘deal with him’.

Brown didn’t stop at the racist attack on the player on his broadcast, he also posted images worldwide of the player on social media by way of supporters groups.

Now Arsenal firm members are calling on their counterparts in Europe to track down the elusive Brown and ‘teach him a lesson’

Karl Bridges, an Arsenal fan himself told Global247news: “It’s gonna kick off, Brown is a dead man walking, what a racist pig”

He went on: “He hides out Marbella way and constantly disses Arsenal from his Spanish bolthole where he thinks he’s safe but I can assure you he isn’t”

” We are close to tracking him down, we have been tipped off he’s in Fuengirola currently knocking around with some Russian bird”

Ex Arsenal firm fighter, Dave Cousins posted on Brown’s social media pages:

“You went too far this time lad – I’m in Almeria  and gonna have you” before it appears Brown removed the threatening comment.

Despite the criticism, remarks and threats from Arsenal fans, Brown’s show on Youtube has become an internet sensation amongst like minded football fans and viewed across the world.

The show ‘Football With Brownie’ has a huge following not just in Europe but the Far East, especially in India.

Global247news tracked down Brown this afternoon by way of mobile communication and he defended his latest comments by saying:

” Am I bothered? – nah – Arsenal’s firms couldn’t punch their way out of a paper bag”

” If I’m honest, the ones here in Spain are old wrinkly Expats with nothing better to do, saddo’s really, sit around in bars all day supping beer and smoking themselves to death in the Expat way of life, they can ‘bring it on’ if they wish”

“My comments weren’t racist at all, he is French! – those who think I was racist need to get a life”

“Hey listen, I’m Soul Crew (Cardiff hooligan firm) do you really think I’m worried about a few cyber warriors from Arsenal?”

You can watch the video here and make your mind up if the comments were racist.




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